CCS and Power Systems

Carbon Capture - Post-Combustion Capture

Hybrid Membrane Absorption Process for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture

Performer: Institute of Gas Technology

Project No: FE0004787

Project Description

The Gas Technology Institute (GTI), in partnership with PoroGen Corporation and Aker Process Systems, will develop a cost-effective separation technology to capture CO2 from coal-fired power plant flue gas based on the combination of a hollow fiber membrane contactor with absorption technologies. The hybrid process utilizes solvent absorption, which performs as the selective layer, within a hollow fiber configured membrane contactor made of the chemically and thermally resistant polymer polyether ether ketone (PEEK). With the novel hollow fiber configuration, the interfacial area is increased by an order of magnitude compared to conventional packed or tray column systems, increasing CO2 mass transfer rates and reducing the overall size of the processing equipment. The reduced size requirements translate to lower solvent inventories, less metal exposure to corrosive liquids, and lower space impact for siting at congested power plants, ultimately leading to reduced capital and operating costs. The membrane contactor process combines the advantageous features of both membrane and absorption technologies and enables economical utilization of advanced absorption solvents.

Project Details