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Advanced Energy Systems - Hydrogen Turbines

Computational Design and Experimental Validation of New Thermal Barrier Systems

Performer: Louisiana State University System

Project No: FE0004734

Project Images

Figure 1. The 2Al-34Ta-36Ir crystal structure model used in one of our simulations.
 The gray balls are Al atoms, blue balls are Ta atoms, and yellow balls are Ir atoms.
The two Ta atoms are substituted by two Al atoms.

Figure 2. (L) YSZ, (M) GZ, (R) 50%GZ/YSZ, Failed TBC samples
after thermal gradient thermal cycling tests. Failure is mainly
caused by the spallation at the edges.

Figure 3. SEM surface images of TaYSZ after hot corrosion in Na2SO4 + V2O5 at 1100˚C.

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