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Turbulent Flame Propagation Characteristics of High Hydrogen Content Fuels

Performer: Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Project No: FE0004555

Project Images

Figure 1. Features of the Variable Turbulence Generator (left) and High Pressure Test Facility (right) showing the installation of the variable turbulence generator and advanced diagnostics.

Figure 2. Variations of the turbulent local displacement speed, ST,LD, with axial turbulence intensity, u’ax, normalized by SL,0 for CH4 and H2 /CO cases at STP. The plotted line is a previous correlation from the literature.

Figure 3. Variation of flame brush thickness as a function of the flame coordinate for various H2 /CO ratios whose mixture SL,0 has been held fixed. Measurements shown are for the 12 mm diameter burner at u’rms/SL,0 = 17.4.

Figure 4. Flame brush leading point (0 ≤ <c> ≤ 0.1) curvature PDFs for varying fuel compositions at (left) U0 = 30 m/s and (right) U0 = 50 m/s.

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