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Proof of Feasibility of Using Well Bore Deformation as a Diagnostic Tool to Improve CO2 Sequestration

Performer: Clemson University

Project No: FE0004542


  • Completed the development of an analytical solution for poroelastic response of a thin layer of material. This analytical response to bench-scale deformation will help characterize and evaluate deformation of the materials that are integral to wellbore construction and completion.

  • To quantify wellbore deformation under conditions anticipated at carbon storage sites, researchers have completed analyses of a set of benchmark problems related to deformation in the vicinity of wells. The approach has been to solve the same representative problems using three different codes, Abaqus, FLAC and Comsol, and then compare the results for different model mesh densities. Values of pressure and displacement as selected points were plotted for different mesh densities and the results extrapolated to get a value with minimal error.

  • The three codes were able to give similar results, which gives confidence in the values. However, execution times using FLAC were significantly longer than using the other codes, so, based on execution time, both Abaqus and Comsol appear to be feasible to use for subsequent evaluations.

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