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Development and Test of a 1,000 Level 3C Fiber Optic Borehole Seismic Receiver Array Applied to Carbon Sequestration

Performer: Paulsson Inc.

Project No: FE0004522

Project Description

Paulsson investigators are building and testing a prototype downhole seismic system capable of deploying one thousand 3C (3 component) downhole receivers using Fiber Optic Seismic Sensor (FOSS)™ technology deployed on drill pipe. The drill pipe provides structural strength and can act as the conduit for the hydraulics that will provide the power needed to clamp the sensors to the borehole wall. The all-metal clamping system using drill pipe hydraulics, and fiber optic receivers made with high temperature fibers, permit the design and manufacturing of receiver arrays that are capable of operating at temperatures and pressures of up to 300ºC (572ºF) and 30,000 psi in corrosive CO2 environments. These receiver arrays will have the capability to be viable and operational for long periods given that no electronics or electric power will be used in either the hydraulic clamping system or in the FOSS™. Positive attributes of the FOSS™ technology include low noise, high sensitivity, and extreme robustness and reliability. Active and passive source P and S wave data will be recorded using an ultra-long borehole seismic system equipped with sensitive seismic sensors to provide the data necessary to generate quantitative, three dimensional (3-D) maps of the architecture and properties of reservoir and confining zone formations. This technology will also assist in tracking fluid flow in the rock formation by using active or passive sources. The system will be tested and evaluated at a CO2 storage site once the prototype has been completed.

Project Details