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Recovery Act: Skymine Beneficial CO2 Use Project

Project No: FE0002586

Project Description

Skyonic will plan, construct, and operate a large pilot scale demonstration of the SkyMine® plant that uses CO2 captured from an industrial waste stream to produce industrial chemicals via a process that requires less energy than that currently used by industry. The SkyMine® plant will harvest flue gas from a cement manufacturing plant and convert the CO2, through co-generation of bicarbonate materials, to useful products such as additives for algae/biomass industries. This process also removes most of the sulfur oxides, nitric oxides, mercury and other heavy metals from the flue gas. The project builds upon the technology that has been developed and evaluated by Skyonic in laboratory facilities and through chemical process systems modeling and analyses.

During Phase 1, completed in September 2010, the project team produced a complete preliminary design, schedule, and budget for building the pilot plant. Project tasks included process modeling; determining and confirming optimal conditions with laboratory scale testing; performing process and facility design including CO2 life cycle analysis; developing a permitting strategy and providing environmental documentation; and completing preliminary and detailed designs including civil, building, mechanical, and electrical facility drawings and specifications.

During Phase 2, the project team will complete detailed design and construction for a pilot-scale beneficial CO2 use concept that utilizes a slip-stream of flue gas from an industrial cement manufacturing plant. The team will implement a testing and process optimization effort to collect technical and cost data for the process, and will update the overall process techno-economic analysis and CO2 life cycle study based on data collected during testing. Phase 2 will be completed in January 2015.

Project Details