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Recovery Act: Re-Utilization of Industrial CO2 for Algae Production Using a Phase Change Material

Performer: Touchstone Research Laboratory Ltd.

Project No: FE0002546


The research team has performed experimental testing including continued testing of a sub-scale prototype raceway pond incorporating the PCM; and anaerobic digestion trials of the algae residual biomass for methane production and recycling of nutrients for algae growth; and continuation of the lipid extraction and analysis from a novel aqueous phase extraction process. Touchstone has completed the design, engineering, and construction of the pilot-scale system which includes four, 30,000 gallon raceway ponds. Mass and energy balances of the integrated CO2 capture and re-use process have been completed along with a detailed Phase II project budget. In addition, the team produced a detailed Greenhouse Gas Lifecycle Analysis and the project Environmental Information Volume (EIV). Phase I has been completed and the operational portion of Phase II collecting pilot-scale data is currently underway.

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