ARRA Research

Geologic Sequestration Training and Research (GSTR) -

Recovery Act: Risk Assessment and Monitoring of Stored CO2 in Organic Rocks Under Non-Equilibrium Conditions

Performer: Southern Illinois University

Project No: FE0002423


  • As of March 2012, sixteen students had accumulated 2,885 training related
    hours under the program.
  • Dynamic mechanical analysis (Figure 2), differential scanning calorimetry,
    measurements, and mechanical properties study on various coal samples 
    (including Illinois, North Dakota, Wyodak, and Pittsburgh) were completed 
    to study their behavior under different temperature and pressure conditions 
    with and without CO2. These results help to determine when coal undergoes a 
    transition from glass to rubber characteristics and how injected CO2 behaves 
    under varying scenarios
  • Two sets of experiments to evaluate the risks associated with storing CO2 in 
    Illinois bituminous coal seams were completed.

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