ARRA Research

Geologic Sequestration Site Characterization (GSSC) -

Recovery Act: Characterization of the Triassic Newark Basin of New York & New Jersey for Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide

Performer: Sandia Technologies LLC

Project No: FE0002352


  • The project team has gathered regional geologic data in preparation for characterization activities. This effort included creating a composite well log from nearby well logs, developing predictive models using gathered information, and calculating a CO2 storage capacity estimate. The team also has recently completed a seismic survey to further characterize the area.

  • In addition, the team has performed extensive outreach by launching a website and creating information packets for stakeholders.

  • This effort was timed to the submittal of drilling permits.

  • A characterization well was drilled to a depth of 6,885 feet below ground surface (bgs). After geophysical testing on the completed wellbore, the well was plugged and abandoned per permit specifications.

  • Sandia is integrating collected data (land cover, topographic and photo-mosaic, stratigraphic, petrographic, structural, hydrologic, and water quality) into a GIS Database

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