ARRA Research

Geologic Sequestration Training and Research (GSTR) -

Recovery Act: Wyoming CCS Technology Institute: Workforce Training, Technology Transfer, and Information Clearinghouse

Performer: University of Wyoming

Project No: FE0002141

Project Description

NETL, in partnership with the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming CCUS Technology Institute (WCTI), has developed a regional sequestration technology training center for Wyoming (Figure 1) and the greater Rocky Mountain region that will establish training programs to facilitate national and global development and deployment of CCUS technology. The WCTI will accomplish this by providing several types of CCUS educational programs, promoting transfer of regional CCUS technology expertise, providing the public, CCUS industry and other interested parties with a variety of professional services, and working with all stakeholders to advance CCUS from demonstration through commercial deployment. These programs will include professional workshops, short-courses focused on specific research and technical topics, online courses, webinars/e-symposia, and communication through newsletters, email tech alerts, and a comprehensive website. More information about the WCTI can be found at

Project Details