ARRA Research

Geologic Sequestration Site Characterization (GSSC) -

Recovery Act: Modeling CO2 Sequestration in the Ozark Plateau Aquifer System

Performer: University of Kansas Center for Research

Project No: FE0002056


  • The project team has developed a regional Arbuckle saline aquifer geologic model, collected and interpreted 3-D seismic data, collected well log data, and performed a gravity and magnetic survey. This information was used to generate geologic cross sections and model scenarios.

  • During the spring of 2011, the drilling and coring of two characterization wells were completed. The total depths of the wells were approximately 5,240 feet below ground surface. Approximately 1,300 feet of core from the Arbuckle group and multiple confining units were collected from one of the wells. Wire line logs and drill stem tests were run to evaluate the condition of the wells and surrounding environment. The newly acquired information, from the wells, is being used to refine the geologic model and storage resource estimation. 

  • An interference test was recently performed between the two characterization wells and indicated that they were hydraulically connected.

  • Data analysis of the core, fluid, and microbial samples is on-going.

  • During the Fall of 2012, the drilling and coring of a third characterization well in the Cutter Field was completed. The total depth was approximately 7,730 feet below ground surface. Core samples and wire line logs were collected from the well. Additional formation testing is still underway.

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