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Geologic Sequestration Site Characterization (GSSC) -

Recovery Act: Geological Characterization of the South Georgia Rift Basin for Source Proximal CO2 Storage

Performer: South Carolina Research Institute

Project No: FE0001965

Project Description

The South Carolina Research Foundation and partners will evaluate the feasibility of CCUS in the Jurassic/Triassic saline formations of the buried Mesozoic South Georgia Rift (SGR) Basin that extends west-southwest from South Carolina into Georgia. The Jurassic and Triassic saline formations of the SGR have been identified as prospective CO2 storage areas; however, detailed characterization needs to be conducted to reduce uncertainties and validate storage potential. The project will evaluate existing geologic and geophysical data; reprocess historical seismic data; collect additional seismic data to fill in historical data gaps (Figure 1); drill and test a characterization well; and conduct reservoir modeling, risk assessment, and mitigation studies. Seismic and geologic data will be collected in order to fill in any data gaps and used to evaluate faults, fractures, and confining zone integrity for potential leakage pathways. The characterization well will be drilled to a maximum depth of approximately 6,200 feet and include a detailed description of the potential reservoirs and seals to determine thickness, lithology, mineralogy, and fracture orientation.

Project Details