CCS and Power Systems

Carbon Storage - Monitoring, Verification, Accounting, and Assessment

Combining Space Geodesy, Seismology, and Geochemistry for Monitoring, Verification and Accounting of CO2 in Sequestration Sites

Performer: University of Miami

Project No: FE0001580


  • InSAR algorithms have been tested on selected case study and potential field deployment sites.

  • Work was conducted on the site selection task to determine the CO2 injection site the field equipment will be deployed at (seismic, GPS, geochemical) and the InSAR satellite monitoring will be conducted.

  • The cavity ring downhole spectrometer was procured and delivered to the Univ. of Miami, and lab testing of the equipment has been completed. The assessment identified several major flaws in the equipment. Changes are being implemented in the design of the instrument.

  • The algorithm used for seismic monitoring and modeling has also been developed, and will be used to infer changes in the subsurface including fluid movement.

  • Selected field site for monitoring, coordinated with operator for deployment of monitoring equipment, and designed and installed monitoring field instrumentation at field site.

  • Acquired InSAR satellite imagery and initiated data acquisition and analysis of monitoring instrumentation for field site.

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