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Carbon Storage - Geologic Storage Technologies and Simulation and Risk Assessment

The Coal-Seq III Consortium: Advancing the Science of CO2 Sequestration in Coal Seam and Gas Shale Reservoirs

Performer: Advanced Resources International, Inc.

Project No: FE0001560

Project Description

Coal-Seq Consortia I & II were widely successful in furthering an understanding of the mechanisms controlling CO2 extended coal bed methane recovery (ECBM) as a byproduct of CO2 storage in deep, unmineable coal seams. By studying the only long-term, multiwell ECBM projects that exist in the world today (the Allison and Tiffany units in the San Juan Basin), Coal-Seq identified numerous important sub surface reservoir mechanisms, performed laboratory research to verify and validate gas storage mechanisms in these reservoirs, developed a screening model to assess CO2 geologic storage potential in other promising coal basins of the United States, and established a better predictive capability for such projects to promote investment in them.

Now Coal-Seq III, a new three-year consortium phase of this project is developing and testing three advanced geochemical and geomechanical modules that will increase the accuracy of simulating CO2 behavior in coals and shales, and couple these with flow simulation (Figure 1 and 2). The project also will address coal storage factors such as coal failure and permeability enhancement, matrix swelling and shrinking, and competition with water as an adsorbed phase on coals, as well as other aspects of CO2 geologic storage.

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