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Carbon Storage - Monitoring, Verification, Accounting, and Assessment

Tagging Carbon Dioxide to Enable Quantitative Inventories of Geological Carbon Storage

Project No: FE0001535


  • Design of the 14CO2 tagging injection (cartridge) system(s) has been completed. The selected design for the tagging injection system is a solution-based tracer injection system using a syringe pump system, accompanied with a filling station; fabrication has been completed.

  • Design of the filling station for the injection system has been completed.

  • Optimization of the cartridge was completed through the construction and testing of multiple designs.

  • The technical approach for the 14CO2 detector to measure relative concentrations of 14C has been revised from using a scintillation counter to using a detector based on laser spectroscopy. The prototype design of the proposed system has been determined and fabrication completed; lab testing is in progress.

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