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Carbon Storage - Monitoring, Verification, Accounting, and Assessment

Near-Surface Leakage Monitoring for the Verification And Accounting of Geologic Carbon Sequestration Using a Field Ready 14c Isotopic Analyzer

Performer: Planetary Emissions Management Inc.

Project No: FE0001116


  • Selection of Horseshoe Lake Tree Kill, Mammoth Mountain, California as the first natural CO2 leakage field site was made and an integrated 12C, 13C and 14C multi-isotopic platform (the initial GMP) was installed and tested. Results from the initial field test were used to upgrade the GMP for deployment at the second natural CO2 leakage site.

  • Selection of Soda Springs, Idaho as the second natural CO2 leakage field site was made, the upgraded GMPs were deployed, and data collection has commenced.

  • Research and selection of the geologic carbon storage field site is underway so that the platform can be validated at an active injection site.

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