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Carbon Storage - Monitoring, Verification, Accounting, and Assessment

Near-Surface Leakage Monitoring for the Verification And Accounting of Geologic Carbon Sequestration Using a Field Ready 14c Isotopic Analyzer

Performer: Planetary Emissions Management Inc.

Project No: FE0001116

Project Description

This four-year project — performed by Planetary Emissions Management, Inc. (PEM) — is developing a carbon-14 (14C) field-ready analyzer having a sensitivity of approximately 1 ppm of fossil fuel CO2 in ambient air. The primary focus of the application is within the near surface environment covering the project area, however, a gas stream from any component of a geologic carbon storage project or location may be analyzed. The analyzer is based on PEM’s already completed multi-isotopic Global Monitor Platform (GMP) and is being deployed for testing and validation at two reference sites: one where CO2 leaks from natural geologic reservoirs and the other a pilot CO2 injection site.

Project Details