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Carbon Storage - Monitoring, Verification, Accounting, and Assessment

Integrated Reflection Seismic Monitoring and Reservoir Modeling for Geologic CO2 Sequestration

Performer: Fusion Petroleum Technologies, Inc.

Project No: FE0001111


Major accomplishments to date include:

  • Derived a realistic reservoir model, based on the Crow Mountain saline aquifer at the Teapot Dome RMOTC site.

  • Processed the Teapot Dome 3-D seismic data and evaluated geological, petrophysical and engineering information and all data available focused on the Crow Mountain aquifer.

  • Processed a realistic baseline test 3D seismic data set (RMOTC Crow Mountain Saline Aquifer) through depth migration, reservoir analysis, and geopressure analysis.

  • Integrated data and model information to simulate time-lapse reservoir conditions, yielding changes in seismic velocity, reflectivity, and possibly attenuation. These properties were used as input to an advanced three-dimensional (3-D) seismic wave-field modeling code to generate simulated time-lapse surface seismic surveys.

  • Interpreted the reservoir structure from the seismic and well log analysis, developed a reservoir geocellular model to characterize the reservoir based on the structural interpretation, and simulated CO2 injection into the reservoir.

  • Used simulated CO2 plume and reservoir parameters in a rock physics seismic simulation and analysis workflow and software to develop the sparcity analysis portion of the project.

  • Integrated and developed the software environment and infrastructure to seamlessly manage the computational and visualization-intensive interdisciplinary components of typical geophysical and reservoir characterization needed in complex analysis of subsurface processes such as CO2 MVA. The integrated system consists of a flexible and extensible software platform with an advanced graphical user interface providing tip-of-finger access to a diverse set of tools and applications for CO2 MVA, including high-end 3-D visualization.

  • Integrated a number of very specialized software to analyze and characterize a reservoir, including a sophisticated visualization tool, into the GeoPro platform. Improvements to GeoPRO’s infrastructure to handle geophysical processing and visualization increases the capability for CO2 MVA. Some of these improvements include database enhancements, plug-in managers for data processing modules and 2D/3D visualization plug-ins, interpolation features, and 2D/3D visualization widgets. The VizPRO is a 3D Visualization tool contained in GeoPRO and includes: advanced 3D rendering features; time/depth converters; and features to import simulated grid data.

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