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Recovery Act: High Temperature Syngas Cleanup Technology Scale-Up and Demonstration Project

Performer: Research Triangle Institute

Project No: FE0000489

Project Description

Research Triangle Institute (RTI) is designing, building, and testing the Warm Temperature Desulfurization Process (WDP) at pre-commercial scale (50 megawatt electric equivalent [MWe]) to remove more than 99.9 percent of the sulfur from coal-derived synthesis gas (syngas). RTI is integrating this WDP technology with an activated methyl diethanolamine (aMDEA) solvent technology to separate 90% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) from shifted syngas. The Polk Power Station, an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plant, will supply approximately 20% of its coal-derived syngas as a slipstream to feed into the pre-commercial scale technologies being scaled-up. Techno-economic studies have shown that RTI's warm syngas cleanup technology, when integrated with 90 percent CO2 capture, has the potential to significantly reduce the capital and operating cost of an industrial facility. This project builds on the technical progress on the warm syngas cleaning technologies made during field testing with real syngas from Eastman Chemical Company's gasifier under DOE Contract DE-AC26-99FT40675. Successful warm gas cleanup, in combination with carbon capture and storage, will demonstrate high-purity syngas at significantly lower costs than current technologies.

Polk Power Station Unit 1

Polk Power Station Unit 1

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