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Recovery Act: Oxy-combustion: Oxygen Transport Membrane Development

Performer: Praxair

Project No: FC26-07NT43088

Project Description

Under a prior agreement with DOE, Praxair determined that the cost of CO2 capture utilizing OTM air separation integrated with oxy-combustion is competitive with other CO2 capture processes when applied to large power plants. This work also demonstrated that durable OTMs for oxy-combustion can be fabricated to survive and maintain reliability in a fuel environment. During prior testing, Praxair observed a zero percent failure rate for the OTM membranes. However, the highly durable materials selected for the OTM reactors require substantial development in order to improve the oxygen flux through the system while maintaining durability and reducing manufacturing costs. In the first stage of this project, Praxair will further develop high-performance materials used for OTMs, optimize and test process configurations, validate manufacturing capabilities, and produce a preliminary engineering design for an OTM pilot plant system.

With the addition of ARRA funding, the second stage of this project will operate OTM modules in syngas development-scale tests incorporating critical system components that would be required of commercial systems. Praxair will develop and operate a robust and reliable OTM module that will be the building block for commercial deployment of reactively driven ceramic membrane systems. First-generation OTM modules will be developed and tested in a developmental-scale, fully integrated, multi-module syngas system producing 160,000 standard cubic feet per day (scfd) of syngas and incorporating all components of a commercial system. Second-generation OTM modules will be developed incorporating improvements identified through module testing, and will also be tested in the developmental-scale system. Evaluation of the results from all testing and modeling will be used to develop preliminary cost estimates for a demonstration-scale syngas system and a pilot-scale oxy-combustion system.

Praxair Advanced Boiler.

Praxair Advanced Boiler.

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