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Carbon Capture - Post-Combustion Capture

Novel Concepts for the Compression of Large Volumes of Carbon Dioxide

Performer: Southwest Research Institute

Project No: FC26-05NT42650

Project Description

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), partnered with Dresser-Rand, is developing improved methods to compress CO2 to pipeline pressures while minimizing the energy expended. This project will design and evaluate an efficient and costeffective compressor for sequestering IGCC plant CO2. Various concepts will be investigated using fundamental thermodynamics and economics to determine if achieving the pressure rise is best accomplished through a liquid and/or gaseous CO2 state. Novel methods to compress gaseous CO2 while removing the heat of compression internal to the compressor will be investigated. The high pressure ratio required to compress CO2 from near atmospheric pressure to pipeline levels results in significant heat of compression. Less energy is required to boost the pressure of a cool gas; therefore, both upstream and interstage cooling is desirable. Researchers will determine the optimum compressor configuration and develop technologies for internal heat removal. Alternate compression options using liquefied CO2 and cryogenic pumping will be explored as well.

This project consists of three phases. Phase I, Scoping and Modeling, focused on CO2 compressor/pump technologies and assessment of performance characteristics. Phase II, Bench-scale Testing and Evaluation, focused on evaluation and testing of selected CO2 compressor/pump technologies. Phase III, Pilot-Scale Testing, is focused on the scale-up and testing of a fully-integrated pressurization system.

Project Details