CCS and Power Systems

Advanced Energy Systems - Hydrogen Turbines

Recovery Act: Advanced Hydrogen Turbine Development

Performer: General Electric Company

Project No: FC26-05NT42643


  • Continued development and optimization of pre-mixed combustion technology for hydrogen by utilizing extensive megawatt-scale, full head end testing on leading concepts from both the Base and ARRA portions of the program – achieved lowest (single digit) NOx emissions to date and demonstrated fuel flexibility with durability at target 2012 cycle conditions.
  • Downselected the best option for an element of the first stage architecture. Developed manufacturing feasibility and durability. Established heat transfer rig trial plans, identified key geometries, and began initial testing.
  • Completed cooling effectiveness characterization for the next generation advanced cooling design concept.
  • Completed testing of an optimal purge flow configuration.
  • Improved and updated cycle models to determine the performance and output characteristics resulting from the technology advancements made under the program, including systems required for CCS.
  • Downselected a new cost effective, mechanically and environmentally capable hot gas path alloy. Completed initial environmental testing and a first full-size component casting. Results show good castability and improvement over baseline material.
  • Continued characterization of down-selected thermal barrier coating and bond coat.

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