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Recovery Act: Advanced Hydrogen Turbine Development

Performer: General Electric Company

Project No: FC26-05NT42643

Project Description

Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funded program, GE Power & Water, along with GE Global Research Center (GE) will develop advanced industrial-frame turbine technology for hydrogen fueled turbine machinery. These turbines can be utilized in conjunction with pre-combustion carbon capture systems to effectively reduce carbon emissions from a variety of industrial applications. This project includes the following work: 1. Advanced Hydrogen Combustion System: The combustion work in the project will develop a new combustion system that will enable industrial gas turbine applications with carbon capture and storage (CCS) to reach higher efficiencies through higher firing temperatures with low NOx. The developed combustion system will be validated in a gas turbine operating at full conditions. The validation step from testing a full-scale combustion can in the laboratory, to testing the multi-can configuration on the gas turbine, will enable accelerated transition of the technology to future gas turbine designs. 2. Materials: The materials work will develop alloys that are specifically tailored to withstand elevated temperatures in the hot gas path in the high-moisture, and potentially highly corrosive environments of hydrogen-fueled industrial applications with CCS. This will enable industrial gas turbine applications with CCS to achieve improved efficiency through higher firing temperature while preserving traditional hot gas path component durability. 3. Sensors: The sensors work will focus on utilizing and integrating a variety of advanced sensor technologies into gas turbine control and operation. This will enable the gas turbine to be operated with real-time knowledge of actual parameters that are affecting component conditions and operation. Therefore, industrial gas turbine applications with CCS will be able to achieve improved efficiency and operability, and reduced emissions. 4. Turbine Airfoil: The turbine airfoil work will develop technology that reduces required cooling flows to enable industrial gas turbine applications with CCS to achieve improved efficiency.

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