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Carbon Storage - Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships/Injection Projects

Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships - Phase II and Phase III

Performer: California Energy Commission

Project No: FC26-05NT42593


Geologic Storage Opportunities

Northern California CO2 Reduction Project (G1)

  • Selected a well site and C6 signed surface and subsurface access agreements with the landowner.

  • C6 submitted an Underground Injection Control (UIC) permit application to U.S. EPA Region 9 and permit applications for surface land use and construction activities to the Solano County Planning Board.

  • WESTCARB and C6 successfully engaged the local community, government officials, and other stakeholders through a series of meetings, open houses, and use of informational materials. Any concerns raised were successfully addressed by the project team.

Arizona Utilities CO2 Storage Pilot (G2)

  • Held public outreach meetings during August 2007 and November 2008 in Holbrook, Arizona, to inform elected officials, safety officials, community leaders, and the public about the project at the Cholla site and to invite their questions and involvement.

  • Received National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) clearance for the project. Permits included a drilling permit from the Arizona Oil and Gas Commission; a Temporary Aquifer Protection permit from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), and a Class V UIC permit from Region 9 of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Drilled a 3,850 foot (1,170 meter) injection well at the Cholla site. Performed associated mudlogging analyses, wireline logging, rock sample collection, and drill stem tests. Researchers found highly saline waters and good sealing formations, but insufficient permeability in the target formations (Martin and Naco) to support a commercial-sized injection project to meet the needs of the Cholla plant.

Terrestrial Storage Opportunities

Shasta County Terrestrial Storage Project (T1)

  • Contacted 400 landowners and obtained detailed surveys of 48 properties, resulting in the development of 16 site-specific afforestation planting and maintenance plans.

  • Conducted 12 afforestation pilots with landowner agreements signed, encompassing 470 acres for planting in 2008 and 2009. Native conifer and oak species were restored to rangelands and fire-damaged forest lands on plots ranging from 10 to 100 acres each. Data were collected to determine the potential carbon benefits and costs of these projects.

  • Received National Environmental Protection Act Categorical Exemption on all projects to date.

  • Completed planting on 12 projects.

  • Completed pre- and post-treatment (clearing) measurements and projected future growth analyses on all projects.

Lake County Terrestrial Storage Project (T2)

  • Collins Companies expanded its Fremont Sawmill operation in Lakeview by building a new $6.6 million small log mill. The mill was made economically feasible by the 20-year Interagency Biomass Supply memorandum of understanding (MOU) and 10-year Stewardship Contract effort spearheaded by the Lake County Resources Initiative, and supported by WESTCARB, the U.S. Forest Service, Oregon Department of Forestry, and others. The new mill provides an added tool for improving management of forests and hazardous fuels in Lake County.

  • Completed pre- and post-treatment measurements and net impact calculations on two fuel reduction projects.

  • GreenWood Resources completed the establishment of a network of nine hybrid poplar varietal test sites in western states. Test sites were managed for three years, assessed for a variety of performance standards, and biomass used for combustion fuel for ethanol conversion.

  • Conducted a case study simulation by applying the ArcFuels Model to the Drews Creek watershed to evaluate the carbon losses from various treatment planning scenarios. Carbon loss functions in the ArcFuels modeling platform were developed for avoided CO2 emissions from reducing the severity and extent of wildfire as a result of forest fuels treatment projects.

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