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Recovery Act: Scale-Up of Hydrogen Transport Membranes for IGCC and FutureGen Plants

Performer: Eltron Research & Development Inc.

Project No: FC26-05NT42469


  • The HTM H2 production technology was demonstrated at a 1.5 lb/day-scale, meeting designed hydrogen production rate and product purity level.
  • Manufacturing and catalyst deposition was successfully scaled to 5-foot-long and 10 foot long tubes. A 12-lb/day reactor was designed, constructed, and operated to test the H2 membrane tubes under 16 different sets of pressure, temperature, and flow rate conditions, using a slip stream of coal-derived syngas at Eastman Chemical’s gasifier in Kingsport, Tennessee.
  • A 187-hour field test was completed at the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC) on a small scale Eltron H2 membrane using syngas from the NCCC gasifier. Membrane permeability was stable over the entire test duration.
  • The effect of plating method on the membrane flux decay rate was evaluated in laboratory tests by comparing flux vs. time of compositionally identical membranes with one membrane prepared using electroless deposition and the other prepared using electro-deposition. In simulated sulfur-free shifted syngas, both membranes had similar flux decay rates after 170 hours of testing.
  • Eleven (11) temperature and H2 pressure (up to 600 psig) cycling tests were completed on a sample membrane tube with a welded seal joint. The welded membrane test specimens were cross sectioned after testing. No cracks were found in either weld.
  • The design of a 250 lb/day PDU scale module was completed.
  • Updated techno- economic studies were completed for scenarios utilizing HTM technology in coal-based IGCC power generation plants with a refined process flow sheet. These updated techno-economic studies utilized membrane and module cost estimates obtained from the design of the 250 lb/day PDU scale module, and the scale-up to 10 ft long tubes. The updated techno-economic studies did not show sufficient reduction in cost of electricity produced versus the current baseline CO2 removal technology to justify continuation of the project.

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