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Angela Goodman

Work Phone: 412-386-4962
Location: Pittsburgh
Office: B58-231
Email: Angela.Goodman@NETL.DOE.GOV

Dr. Angela Goodman is a Physical Scientist whose research interests are focused on CO2 sequestration in geologic reservoirs with respect to storage capacity and injectivity, stochastic modeling of storage resource, CO2 capture from power plants using high surface area coordination polymers, metal organic frameworks and zeolitic imidazolate frameworks, and characterization of gas, liquid, and solid interactions using infrared spectroscopy. She is currently the Technical Portfolio Lead for Carbon Storage and Task Technical Coordinator for Resource Assessments. Her resource assessment work directly addresses the Strategic Center for Coal’s program goal of predicting storage capacity to ±30% accuracy by further developing and refining CO2 storage methods for geologic formations. A suite of methodologies are being developed and evaluated to quantitatively assess storage resource for reservoirs including saline formations, oil and gas reservoirs, unmineable coal seams, and organic-rich shale. In past efforts, Dr. Goodman’s research focused on understanding CO2 storage in coal where fundamental interactions were characterized and inter-laboratory reproducibility was evaluated on an international scale.

Dr. Goodman earned her BS cum laude in Chemistry from Central College in 1996 and her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at the University of Iowa in 2000 where her research focused on the chemical balance of the atmosphere. Dr. Goodman has been a research physical scientist with NETL since 2001.


University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Course: Geochemical Modeling, Spring 2002

University of Iowa; Iowa City, IA
Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, 2000
Dissertation Topic: A Spectroscopic Study of Heterogeneous Reactions of Nitrogen Oxides and Sulfur Oxides on Solid Particles of Atmospheric Relevance

Central College; Pella, IA
B.A., cum laude, Chemistry, 1996


  • 2014: Member of the University of Illinois and Illinois State Geological Survey Energy Research Frontiers Center Basic Energy Science Center for CO2 Storage
  • 2013 – 2014: Member, Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum Taskforce
  • 2012: Article featured as Editor’s Choice in Science (Volume 337, page 1434)
  • 2012: Joint DOE-USGS collaborator for Workshops on Unconventional Reservoirs and CO2 Storage Efficiency
  • 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014: Invited speaker at the Strategic Center for Coal’s Annual Review Meeting
  • 2010: UK and US CO2 storage workshop invited speaker
  • 2007: Presentation selected as key paper at International Coalbed Methane Conference
  • 2002, 2003: Science Bowl Judge and Moderator


  • Advisory Committee Member, Carnegie Mellon University
  •  Member, American Chemical Society

Select Publications:

  • Popova, O., Small, M., McCoy, S., Thomas, A., Rose, S., Karimi, B., Carter, K., and A. Goodman. "Spatial Stochastic Modeling of Sedimentary Formations to Assess CO2 Storage Potential." Environmental Science & Technology, 48 (2014): 6247-6255.
  • Steele-MacInnis, M., Capobianco, R. M., Dilmore, R., Goodman, A., Guthrie, G., Rimstidt, D., and R. J. Bodnar. "PVTx Properties of H2O-CO2-'salt' at PTX Conditions Applicable to Carbon Sequestration in Shale Formations." Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry; Proceedings of the Mineralogical Society of America Short Course: Geochemistry of Geologic CO2 Sequestration (2013).
  • Steele-MacInnis, M., Capobianco, R. M., Dilmore, R., Goodman, A., Guthrie, G., Rimstidt, D., and R. J. Bodnar. "Volumetrics of CO2 Storage in Deep Saline Formations." Environmental Science & Technology 47 (2013): 79–86.
  • Goodman, A., Bromhal, G., Strazisar, B., Rodosta, T., Guthrie, W., Allen, D., and G. Guthrie. "Comparison of methods for geologic storage of carbon dioxide in saline formations." International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 18 (2013): 329–342.
  • Kutchko, B. G., Goodman, A. L., Rosenbaum, E., Natesakhawat, S., and K. Wagner. "Characterization of coal before and after supercritical CO2 exposure via feature relocation using field-emission scanning electron microscopy." Fuel 107 (2013): 777-786.
  • Culp, J. T., Sui, L., Goodman, A., and D. Luebke. "Carbon dioxide (CO2) absorption behavior of mixed matrix polymer composites containing a flexible coordination polymer." Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 393 (2013): 278-285.
  • Culp, J. T., Chen, D. L., Liu, J. C., Chirdon, D., Kauffman, K., Goodman, A., and J. K. Johnson. "Effect of Spin-Crossover-Induced Pore Contraction on CO2-Host Interactions in the Porous Coordination Polymers [Fe(pyrazine)M(CN)(4)] (M = Ni, Pt)." European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 4 (2013): 511-519.
  • Steele-MacInnis, M., Capobianco, R. M., Dilmore, R., Goodman, A., Guthrie, G., Rimstidt, J. D., and R. J. Bodnar. "Volumetrics of CO2 Storage in Deep Saline Formations." Environmental Science and Technology 47, 1 (2013): 79-86.
  • Popova, O. H., Small, M., McCoy, S. T., Thomas, A. C., Karimi, B., Goodman, A., and K. M. Carter. "Comparative Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Strorage Resource Assessments Methodologies." Environmental Geosciences 19, 3 (2012): 105-124.
  • Mastalerz, M., Goodman, A., and D. Chirdon. "Coal Lithotypes before, during, and after Exposure to CO2: Insights from Direct Fourier Transform Infrared Investigation." Energy & Fuels 26, 6 (2012): 3586-3591.
  • Goodman, A., Hakala, A., Bromhal, G., Deel, D., Rodosta, T., Frailey, S., Small, M., Allen, D., Romanov, V., Fazio, J., Huerta, N., McIntyre, D., Kutchko, B., and G. Guthrie. "US DOE methodology for the development of geologic storage potential for carbon dioxide at the national and regional scale." International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 5, 4 (2011): 952-965.
  • O'Neal, K., Culp, J., Matranga, C., and A. Goodman. "FT-IR Study of CO2 Adsorption in a Dynamic Copper(II) Benzoate–Pyrazine Host with CO2-CO2 Interactions in the Adsorbed State." The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115, 5 (2011): 1857-1866.
  • Haljasmaa, I. V., McLendon, T. R., Jikich, S. A., Goodman, A., Siriwardane, H., Soong, Y., McIntyre, D. L., Bromhal, G. S., Irdi, G. A., and A. Dobroskok. "North Dakota lignite and Pittsburgh bituminous coal: a comparative analysis in application to CO2 sequestration." International Journal of Oil Gas and Coal Technology 4, 3 (2011): 264-281.
  • Kauffman, K. L, Culp, J. T., Allen, A. J., Espinal, L., Wong-Ng, W., Brown, T. D., Goodman, A., Bernardo, M. P., Pancoast, R. J., Chirdon, D., and C. Matranga. "Selective Adsorption of CO2 from Light Gas Mixtures by Using a Structurally Dynamic Porous Coordination Polymer." Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 50, 46 (2011): 10888-10892.

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