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NETL-RUA Shale Gas Research & Development

Developing the science and technology to enable the efficient and environmentally sustainable production and utilization of domestic shale-gas resources is a top priority in NETL’s energy production research. Realizing economical, secure, abundant fuel supplies must balance with protecting air, land, water resources, and human health. New developments in the energy industry, such as horizontal drilling and multi-stage hydraulic fracturing used for shale gas and oil production, have raised significant public concern over their potential to impact the environment.

In partnership with university members of NETL-RUA, NETL’s research spans from characterizing risks in upstream exploration and production, while also developing technologies to avoid and mitigate those risks, to developing technologies and processes in the mid-stream and downstream portions of the industry.

Through its activities, NETL-RUA capitalizes on the expertise of its university and industry partners.

NETL-RUA research encompasses areas across the shale gas value chain: upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Federal researchers in NETL's in-house shale research program are engaging the wealth and expertise of NETL-RUA. For more information, Contact Us today!

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