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NETL-RUA Grid Technologies Collaborative

The U.S. electricity transmission system—the Grid—is in desperate need of expansion and updating. Improving the performance of the grid is a key component to improving energy efficiency, reliability, and power security; as well as for integrating a balanced clean-energy resource portfolio.

The NETL-RUA Grid Technologies Collaborative (GTC) is an integrated industry-university-government research and development (R&D) group that advances the state-of-the-art in transmission and distribution system level power electronics technologies. The NETL-RUA GTC executes a comprehensive program of fundamental research; technology development, simulation and modeling, testing, and commercialization; and professional training for the advanced grid technologies sector.

Drawing on the broad expertise of its members, the NETL-RUA GTC performs R&D across the core technologies underlying advanced power electronics. Areas of investigation include:

  • Modeling, simulation, and analysis
  • Power semiconductors and materials development
  • Circuit and device design, integration, and topologies
  • Advanced control, systems interface, and protection
  • esting and turnkey systems integration
  • Deployment and operations
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• Factsheet
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• R&D Report
• Steering Committee
The NETL-RUA GTC performs research and development for the advanced grid technologies sector and is currently seeking partners. For more information, Contact Us today!

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