On-Site Research Capabilities

Core Research Competencies

NETL has established a strong onsite research program conducted by Federal scientists and engineers. Onsite R&D across a broad range of competencies makes important contributions to NETL's mission of implementing a research, development, and demonstration program to resolve the environmental, supply, and reliability constraints of producing and using fossil resources.

Research Personnel

NETL’s expert research staff collaborates with well-known research universities, other national laboratories, and industry stakeholders to address and solve barriers to commercialization of new technology for power systems, fuels, and environmental and waste management.

Research Facilities

NETL has a number of onsite laboratories that help scientists increase and improve our nation’s energy options. By facilitating scientists’ cutting-edge research, the laboratories encourage insights into reducing the impact energy production has on the environment; making U.S. energy systems more reliable, competitive, and secure; and ensuring that the nation can meet its energy needs now and in the future.


Onsite research efforts employ strategic regional, national, and international partnerships with academia, national laboratories, other government organizations, and the private sector to speed technology discovery and development.