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Relationship between operational variables, fundamental physics and foamed cement properties in lab and field generated foamed cement slurries
Creators: Glosser, D.; Kutchko, B.; Benge, G.; Crandall, D.; Ley, M. T.
Date: 09/01/2016

The Energy Department and NETL’s Advances in Carbon Capture and Storage
Creators: None
Date: 07/14/2016
Description: NETL is innovating cost-effective, safe carbon capturing and storage technologies as part of a long-term strategy for mitigating carbon emissions from fossil fuels.

Sensor Network Design Algorithm for Power Plant Efficiency Maximization and Its Application
Creators: Bhattacharyya, Debangsu; Turton, Richard; Zitney, Stephen E
Date: 06/30/2016

Lean-rich axial stage combustion in a can-annular gas turbine engine
Creators: Laster, Walter R.; Szedlacsek, Peter
Date: 06/14/2016
Description: An apparatus and method for lean/rich combustion in a gas turbine engine (10), which includes a combustor (12), a transition (14) and a combustor extender (16) that is positioned between the combustor (12) and the transition (14) to connect the combustor (12) to the transition (14). Openings (18) are formed along an outer surface (20) of the combustor extender (16). The gas turbine (10) also includes a fuel manifold (28) to extend along the outer surface (20) of the combustor extender (16), with fuel nozzles (30) to align with the respective openings (18). A method (200) for axial stage combustion in the gas turbine engine (10) is also presented.

Articles for high temperature service and methods for their manufacture
Creators: Sarrafi-Nour, Reza; Meschter, Peter Joel; Johnson, Curtis Alan; Luthra, Krishan Lal; Rosenzweig, Larry Steven
Date: 06/14/2016
Description: An article for use in aggressive environments is presented. In one embodiment, the article comprises a substrate and a self-sealing and substantially hermetic sealing layer comprising an alkaline-earth aluminosilicate disposed over the bondcoat. The substrate may be any high-temperature material, including, for instance, silicon-bearing ceramics and ceramic matrix composites. A method for making such articles is also presented. The method comprises providing a substrate; disposing a self-sealing alkaline-earth aluminosilicate layer over the substrate; and heating the sealing layer to a sealing temperature at which at least a portion of the sealing layer will flow.

Solid-state active switch matrix for high energy, moderate power battery systems
Creators: Deal, Larry; Paris, Peter; Ye, Changqing
Date: 06/07/2016
Description: A battery management system employs electronic switches and capacitors. No traditional cell-balancing resistors are used. The BMS electronically switches individual cells into and out of a module of cells in order to use the maximum amount of energy available in each cell and to completely charge and discharge each cell without overcharging or under-discharging.

High reflectivity mirrors and method for making same
Creators: Heikman, Sten; Jacob-Mitos, Matthew; Li, Ting; Ibbetson, James
Date: 06/07/2016
Description: A composite high reflectivity mirror (CHRM) with at least one relatively smooth interior surface interface. The CHRM includes a composite portion, for example dielectric and metal layers, on a base element. At least one of the internal surfaces is polished to achieve a smooth interface. The polish can be performed on the surface of the base element, on various layers of the composite portion, or both. The resulting smooth interface(s) reflect more of the incident light in an intended direction. The CHRMs may be integrated into light emitting diode (LED) devices to increase optical output efficiency

Film riding seal assembly for turbomachinery
Creators: Bidkar, Rahul Anil; Giametta, Andrew Paul; Gibson, Nathan Evan McCurdy; Cleveland, Nicolas Joseph
Date: 06/07/2016
Description: An aerodynamic seal assembly for a rotary machine includes multiple sealing segments disposed circumferentially intermediate to a stationary housing and a rotor. Each of the segments includes a shoe plate with a forward load-bearing section and an aft load-bearing section configured to generate an aerodynamic force between the shoe plate and the rotor. The shoe plate includes at least one labyrinth teeth facing the rotor and positioned between the forward load-bearing section and the aft load-bearing section. The sealing segment also includes at least one spring connected to a pedestal located about midway of an axial length of the shoe plate and to a stator interface element. Further, the sealing segment includes a rigid segmented secondary seal attached to the stator interface element at one first end and in contact with the pedestal of the shoe plate at one second end.

Turbine airfoil with ambient cooling system
Creators: Campbell, Jr, Christian X.; Marra, John J.; Marsh, Jan H.
Date: 06/07/2016
Description: A turbine airfoil usable in a turbine engine and having at least one ambient air cooling system is disclosed. At least a portion of the cooling system may include one or more cooling channels configured to receive ambient air at about atmospheric pressure. The ambient air cooling system may have a tip static pressure to ambient pressure ratio of at least 0.5, and in at least one embodiment, may include a tip static pressure to ambient pressure ratio of between about 0.5 and about 3.0. The cooling system may also be configured such that an under root slot chamber in the root is large to minimize supply air velocity. One or more cooling channels of the ambient air cooling system may terminate at an outlet at the tip such that the outlet is aligned with inner surfaces forming the at least one cooling channel in the airfoil to facilitate high mass flow.

Flywheel system using wire-wound rotor
Creators: Chiao, Edward Young; Bender, Donald Arthur; Means, Andrew E.; Snyder, Philip K.
Date: 06/07/2016
Description: A flywheel is described having a rotor constructed of wire wound onto a central form. The wire is prestressed, thus mitigating stresses that occur during operation. In another aspect, the flywheel incorporates a low-loss motor using electrically non-conducting permanent magnets.

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