Research Mission
Research Mission

NETL’s onsite research effort is a national resource for fossil energy research and development, with a mission to create the knowledge base that enables the safe, sustainable utilization of our abundant, domestic energy resources.

In support of the DOE mission, onsite research is conducted to:

  • Develop solutions to key barriers to implementation of emerging energy technologies
  • Explore transformational new concepts for next generation energy systems
  • Leverage core competencies to address issues of national concern

Currently, NETL’s onsite research supports DOE’s mission to advance energy options to fuel our economy, strengthen our security, and improve our environment.  As such, the onsite research portfolio includes significant efforts in advanced combustion, carbon capture, carbon storage, fuel cells, fuels, gasification, innovative process technologies, methane hydrates, turbine thermal management, and unconventional gas and oil resources. Key research initiatives include the Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative, the National Risk Assessment Partnership, and the Industrial Carbon Management Initiative.

In addition to the research performed on behalf of the Office of Fossil Energy, in-house researchers leverage core competencies and capabilities created in support of DOE’s fossil energy mission to address broader issues of national concern.

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