Active Methane Hydrate Projects

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Active Methane Hydrate Projects
Project Number Project Name Primary Performer
DE-FE0028967 A Multi‐scale Experimental Investigation of Flow Properties in Coarse‐ grained Hydrate Reservoirs During Production University of Texas at Austin
DE-FE0028966/ DE-FE0026166
Impact of Clays on the Compressibility and Permeability of Sands During Methane Extraction from Gas Hydrate Louisiana State University/ US Geological Survey
DE-FE0028895 Dynamic Behavior of Natural Seep Vents: Analysis of Field and Laboratory Observations and Modeling Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station
DE-FE0028972 Characterizing Baselines and Change in Gas Hydrate Systems using Electromagnetic (EM) Methods The Regents of the University of California – San Diego (UCSD)
DE-FE0023919 Deepwater Methane Hydrate Characterization and Scientific Assessment University of Texas at Austin
DE-FE0025387 Support for Methane Hydrate Research on the Alaska North Slope Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska  

Hydrate-Bearing Clayey Sediments: Morphology, Physical Properties, Production and Engineering/Geological Implications
Georgia Tech Research Corporation
DE-FE0009963 Measurement and Interpretation of Seismic Velocities and Attenuation in Hydrate-Bearing Sediments Colorado School of Mines
DE-FE0010180 Gas Hydrate Dynamics on the Alaskan Beaufort Continental Slope: Modeling and Field Characterization Southern Methodist University
DE-FE0013531 Assessing the Response of Methane Hydrates to Environmental Change at the Svalbad Continental Margin Oregon State University
DE-FE0013919 Mechanisms for Methane Transport and Hydrate Accumulation in Coarse-Grained Reservoirs University of Texas at Austin
DE-FE0013961 Borehole Tool for the Comprehensive Characterization of Hydrate-bearing Sediments Georgia Tech Research Corporation
DE-FE0013998 Characterizing the Response of the Cascadia Margin Gas Hydrate Reservoir to Bottom Water Warming Along the Upper Continental Slope University of Washington
DE-FE0013999 Fate of Methane Emitted From Dissociating Marine Hydrates: Modeling, Laboratory, and Field Constraints Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Natural Gas Hydrates in Permafrost and Marine Settings: Resources, Properties, and Environmental Issues

U.S. Geological Survey
DE-FE0022898  Alaska Natural Gas Hydrate Production Testing: Test Site Selection, Characterization, and Testing Operations U.S. Geological Survey
ESD12-010 Numerical Studies for the Characterization of Recoverable Resources from Methane Hydrate Deposits Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
ESD12-011 Properties of Hydrate-Bearing Sediments Subjected to Changing Gas Compositions Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
FWP 65213 Kinetic Parameters for the Exchange of Hydrate Formers Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
NETL-ORD Micro XCT Characterization and Examination of Pressured Cores NETL Office of Research and Development
NETL-ORD Experimental Analysis and Characterization of Hydrate-Bearing Sediments to Support Numerical Reservoir Simulations NETL Office of Research and Development