Project No: SC0008425
Performer: Creare Inc.


Award Date:  06/28/2012
Project Date:  03/27/2013

DOE Share: $149,961.00
Performer Share: $0.00
Total Award Value: $149,961.00

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Advanced Energy Systems - Gasification Systems

Low-cost, Environmental Friendly Thermal Storage for CO2 Sequestration

Project Description
Creare, Inc. has designed a compact, low-cost, reversible Combined Thermal and CO2 Storage System (CTCSS). The system increases the net peak period power output of coal-fired IGCC power plants with CCS process. The system shifts the parasitic load of the CCS process from peak to off-peak periods thereby indirectly increasing the off-peak period net power output of the plant. During peak demand periods, the system provides high quality heat for additional power output by reversible chemical adsorption and storage of CO2. This temporary CO2 storage system enables an IGCC plant to increase its net electricity output during peak demand periods without increasing its CO2 emission. During off-peak periods, the sorbent regenerates itself from a power island heat energy source. The project's Phase I simulation results show that the storage system helps to avoid power-supply interruption of the IGCC plant, allowing an increase in the plant's net peak power output. The system uses very low-cost, non-toxic, naturally-occurring materials as the chemical reactants. Current project scope includes performance and economic benefits analyses. If the analyses' results show the expected performance and cost improvements, a Phase II laboratory-scale demonstration is planned.

Operating Principle of a CaO/CaCO3 Thermal-CO2 Energy Storage System

 Operating Principle of a CaO/CaCO3 Thermal-CO2 Energy Storage System