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Download Economic Feasibility of CO2 Capture Retrofits for the U.S. Coal Fleet: Impacts of R&D and CO2 EOR Revenue
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Date: 6/26/2013
Type: Presentation
Status: Active
NETL Contact: Gregory Hackett
Technology Focus Area(s): Post-Combustion Capture; Carbon Storage
Analysis Focus Area(s): Coal Combustion Power Plants; Fossil Fuel Extraction/Refining
Author(s): Michael Matuszewski (NETL)

Product Description
In a 2nd generation CO2 capture market (2030) with no carbon regulations, compare business-as-usual to CO2 retrofits for enhanced oil recovery. Specifically, this presentation discusses the CCRD database design and operational details, discusses the improvements of 2nd generation capture technology, and how EOR revenue promotes more competitive dispatch.