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Download Gate-to-Grave Life Cycle Analysis Model of Saline Aquifer Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide (Report)
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Date: 9/30/2013
Type: Report
Status: Active
NETL Contact: Timothy J. Skone, P.E.
Technology Focus Area(s):
Analysis Focus Area(s):
Author(s): Greg Cooney (Booz Allen Hamilton); James Littlefield (Booz Allen Hamilton); Joe Marriott (Booz Allen Hamilton); Matt Jamieson (Booz Allen Hamilton); Robert E James III PhD (NETL); Timothy J Skone (NETL)

Product Description
A gate-to-grave life cycle analysis (LCA) model was created to quantify the environmental impacts of the various processes associated with saline aquifer sequestration. The following unit processes are accounted for in this analysis: site preparation, well construction, carbon dioxide sequestration operations, site monitoring, brine management, well closure, and land use. This analysis used an LCA approach for developing data and modeling saline aquifer sequestration. The energy and material flows for key processes within the gate-to-grave boundaries of the saline aquifer were calculated. These processes were then compiled in a model that scaled the flows between processes to arrive at an inventory of environmental burdens on a common basis (e.g., 1 tonne of carbon dioxide sequestered).