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Download Quality Guideline for Energy System Studies: Cost Estimation Methodology for NETL Assessments of Power Plant Performance
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Date: 4/30/2011
Type: Report
Status: Archived
NETL Contact: William Summers
Technology Focus Area(s): Advanced Combustion Systems; Gasification Systems; Coal and Coal Biomass to Liquids
Analysis Focus Area(s):
Author(s): John G Wimer (NETL); Wm Morgan Summers (NETL)

Product Description
This paper summarizes the cost estimation methodology employed by NETL in its assessment of power plant performance. A clear understanding of the methodology used is essential for allowing different power plant technologies to be compared on a similar basis. Though these guidelines are tailored for power plants, they can also be applied to a variety of different energy conversion plants (e.g., coal to liquids, syngas generation, hydrogen).