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Date: 2/7/2012
Type: Report
Status: Active
NETL Contact: Timothy Grant
Technology Focus Area(s): Carbon Storage
Analysis Focus Area(s):
Author(s): Jason Valenstein (Booz Allen Hamilton); Mike Godec (ARI); Richard Lawrence (ARI); Robert Murray (Booz Allen Hamilton); Tim Grant (NETL); David Morgan (NETL)

Product Description
The basic framework for this model provides costs for compliance with various sections of EPA's Class VI regulation and Subpart RR of the GHG Reporting Program. Cost analysis at two levels is provided by this model: site specific where the modeler can enter their own reservoir and cost data and regional in the form of cost supply curves. This model includes costs from initial regional geologic evaluation through site characterization, permitting, injection/MVA operations, post-injection site care to final site closure and transfer to long-term stewardship. A geologic and cost database was developed to support this model.