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Download Estimated U.S. Energy Use in 2012: Contributions from Fossil, Nuclear, and Renewable Energy
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Date: 6/1/2013
Type: Presentation
Status: Active
NETL Contact: Erik Shuster
Technology Focus Area(s): Advanced Combustion Systems
Analysis Focus Area(s): GHG Mitigation; Grid Reliability
Author(s): Erik Shuster (NETL); Kenneth C. Kern (NETL)

Product Description
A diagram of major energy sources for each sector of the U.S. economy depicted as flows in a Sankey diagram. Proportions of fossil, nuclear, and renewable energy provided for electricity generation and ultimately used by the residential, industrial, commercial, and transportation sectors of the economy are shown. This diagram rearranges and segregates information originally published by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, based on data from the Energy Information Administration's Monthly Energy Review, May 2013.