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Download Role of Alternative Energy Sources: Hydropower Technology Assessment Brief (Presentation)
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Date: 8/1/2012
Type: Presentation
Status: Active
NETL Contact: Timothy J. Skone, P.E.
Technology Focus Area(s):
Analysis Focus Area(s): GHG Mitigation
Author(s): Timothy J Skone (NETL)

Product Description
This presentation evaluates the role of hydropower in the future energy portfolio of the United States. Hydropower is a proven technology that represents approximately 7 percent of U.S. electricity generation, but the resource base for large hydropower facilities has been fully developed and the growth potential for hydrokinetic hydropower is limited by the small capacities of hydrokinetic installations. The greenhouse gas emissions of hydropower are low, but there are ecological impacts of hydropower that are outside the boundaries of this analysis. Further, the benefits that dams provide with respect to flood control, irrigation, and navigability are difficult to compare on the same basis as hydroelectric power generation, complicating the calculation of the costs of hydropower.