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Download Near-Term Opportunities for Integrating Biomass into the U.S. Electricity Supply: Technical Consider
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Date: 8/1/2011
Type: Report
Status: Active
NETL Contact: Timothy J. Skone, P.E.
Technology Focus Area(s): Advanced Combustion Systems
Analysis Focus Area(s): GHG Mitigation
Author(s): Aimee E. Curtright (RAND); Constantine Samaras (RAND); David S. Ortiz (RAND)

Product Description
In light of potential regulatory limits on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, requirements for greater use of renewable fuels, and higher prices for some conventional fossil resources, over the course of the next few decades, biomass is expected to become an increasingly important source of electricity, heat, and liquid fuel. One near-term option for using biomass to generate electricity is to cofire biomass in coal-fired electricity plants. Doing so allows such plants to reduce GHG emissions and, in appropriate regulatory environments, to generate renewable-energy credits to recover costs. This report focuses on two aspects of biomass use: plant-site modifications, changes in operations, and costs associated with cofiring biomass; and the logistical issues associated with delivering biomass to the plant.