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Download Supplementary File for FE/NETL CO2 Saline Storage Cost Model – Baseline Modeling Results
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Date: 9/30/2017
Type: Spreadsheet
Status: Active
NETL Contact: David Morgan
Technology Focus Area(s): Carbon Storage
Analysis Focus Area(s): GHG Mitigation
Author(s): Tim Grant (NETL); David Morgan (NETL)

Product Description
This spreadsheet is a supplementary file to the FE/NETL CO2 Saline Storage Cost Model and is populated after running the Multiple Formation Evaluation macro within the model. A summary of the results (e.g. break-even analysis and total amount of CO2 stored) for all selected formations within the FE/NETL CO2 Storage Cost Model’s geologic database is provided in each of the five worksheets (Res_Bas1, Res_CatP1, Res_CatV1, Res_FRWat1, and Res_SUStg1) within this file. Each time the Multiple Formation Evaluation macro is run, five new worksheets will be inserted into this workbook with the same number. If other runs are performed, five new worksheets will populate with another number. The model and this file are programmed to recognize each other. For proper function, download this file, save it in the same folder as the model, and make sure its name matches the name posted on the ‘Key_Inputs’ worksheet in Cell D28 within the model.