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Download Cost and Performance Baseline for Fossil Energy Plants, Volume 1: Bituminous Coal and Natural Gas to Electricity, Revision 2a, September 2013
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Date: 9/1/2013
Type: Report
Status: Active
NETL Contact: Timothy Fout
Technology Focus Area(s): Post-Combustion Capture; Pre-Combustion Capture; Gasification Systems; Advanced Turbines
Analysis Focus Area(s): Coal Combustion Power Plants; Coal Gasification Power Plants; NG-based Power Plants; Market Analysis
Author(s): Norma Kuehn (Booz Allen Hamilton); John Haslback (Booz Allen Hamilton); Eric Lewis (Booz Allen Hamilton); Lora L Pinkerton (WorleyParsons Group); James Simpson (WorleyParsons); Marc J Turner (Booz Allen Hamilton); Elsy Varghese (WorleyParsons Group); Mark Woods (Booz Allen Hamilton)

Product Description
Objective is to establish baseline performance and cost estimates for today’s fossil energy plants, it is necessary to look at the current state of technology. Such a baseline can be used to benchmark the progress of the Fossil Energy RD&D portfolio. This study provides an accurate, independent assessment of the cost and performance for Pulverized Coal (PC) Combustion, Integrated Gasification Combined Cycles (IGCC), and Natural Gas Combined Cycles (NGCC), all with and without carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and sequestration assuming that the plants use technology available today.