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Download T-Q Diagram and Heat Source Assessment – Preliminary Evaluation
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Date: 1/24/2014
Type: Presentation
Status: Active
NETL Contact: Walter Shelton
Technology Focus Area(s): Advanced Turbines
Analysis Focus Area(s):
Author(s): Arun Iyengar (Booz Allen Hamilton); Charles White (Noblis); James Black (NETL)

Product Description
Presentation of a preliminary assessment of the fossil fuel heat sources for integration with the supercritical CO2 cycle: (1) PC, Air/Oxy, (2) CFB, Air/Oxy, (3) PFBC, Air/Oxy. It shows the development of T-Q diagrams to evaluate the effectiveness of various heat sources for the supercritical CO2 cycle. Heat sources include fossil fuels, Nuclear, and Solar. Conclusions include: (1) Current CFB (Air/Oxy) T-Q profile more suited to sCO2 cycle (for TIT < CFB furnace temperature), (2) PC/CFB design needs to be modified to take advantage of the high efficiency sCO2 cycle and (3) sCO2 cycle should be optimized to match the heat source better.