Title: Oil Shale Development in the United States, Prospects and Policy Issues
Publication Number:
Publication Date: 02/2005
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Chris Nichols
Program/Technology: Oil & Natural Gas
Author: James T. Bartis (RAND)
Gary Cecchine (RAND)
Lloyd Dixon (RAND)
Charles J. Drummond (NETL)
Tom LaTourrette (RAND)
D.J. Peterson (RAND)

This report presents an updated assessment of the viability of oil shale resources in the United States. The report describes the oil shale resources in the western United States and examines the suitability, cost, and performance of available technologies for developing these resources. Other topics include energy, environmental, land-use, and socio-economic policy issues that must be addressed by government decision makers in the future.

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