Title: National and State Economic Impact of NETL
Publication Number: DOE/NETL-402/100209
Publication Date: 12/2010
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Lisa Nichols
Program/Technology: Other
Author: Randall Jackson (WVU)
Amanda Krugh (WVU)
Brian LaShier (SAIC)
Ronald Munson (SAIC)

This report documents the development of state-level input-output models for Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Oregon and the augmentation of the national input-output model that was developed previously for the project Valuing Domestically Produced Natural Gas and Oil . The state IO models were developed to assess the FY08 economic impacts of expenditures, employment, and research and development awards at the NETL sites located in Pittsburgh, PA; Morgantown, WV; and Albany, OR. The national IO model was developed to assess the FY08 economic impacts of NETL site expenditures, awards, and employment at the national level.

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