Title: Potential Application of Coal-Derived Fuel Gases for the Glass Industry: A Scoping Analysis
Publication Number:
Publication Date: 12/2004
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: John G. Wimer
Program/Technology: Gasification
Author: David Gray (Mitretek)
Julianne M. Klara (NETL)
Sal Salerno (Mitretek)
Glen Tomlinson (Mitretek)

The objective of this study is to explore the economic viability of producing coal-derived fuel gases for use in the glass manufacturing industry as an alternative to natural gas. In this study small-size gasification systems that suffer adversely from economics of scale were not considered. Instead, full-scale commercial gasification systems were analyzed that could produce enough fuel gas and electric power for several manufacturing plants. The possibility exists to gather a number of large manufacturers in a geographically centralized location in an Industrial Gasification Island (IGI) complex so that a central coal gasification plant could economically provide fuel and power to all of these industries.

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