Title: Investment Decisions for Baseload Power Plants
Publication Number: DOE/NETL-402/012910
Publication Date: 01/2010
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Anthony Zammerilli
Program/Technology: Combustion
Author: Anthony Zammerilli (NETL)

This report, prepared by ICF International, provides an identification and discussion of factors considered for investment decisions for base load power generation in the U.S.(for example levelized cost of electricity, design and construction lag, fuel cost and variability, technology performance risk, initial capital outlay, water use, future cost of carbon emissions) and discusses their relative importance in investment decisions. There is a detailed discussion on current and advanced power plant technologies, including ultra-supercritical coal power, coal power with carbon dioxide capture and storage, and nuclear power. In addition, there is a detailed description and analysis of two case studies from actual power plant projects to substantiate the identified objective functions from the above items.

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