Title: Current and Future Technologies for Power Generation with Post-Combustion Carbon Capture
Publication Number: NETL/DOE-2012/1557
Publication Date: 04/2012
Publication Type: Report/Publication
Contact: Robert Stevens
Program/Technology: Climate Change
Environmental & Water
Carbon Sequestration
Author: Dale Keairns (Booz Allen Hamilton)
Richard Newby (Booz Allen Hamilton)
Vasant Shah (Booz Allen Hamilton)
Synopsis: The objective of this study is to support DOE’s Carbon Capture and Advanced Combustion R&D Programs by completing an "R&D Pathway” study for PC power plants that employ post-combustion carbon capture. The pathway begins with representation of today's technology and extends to include emerging carbon capture, advanced steam conditions, and advanced CO2 compression with corresponding performance/cost estimates to illustrate routes to achieving the DOE goal of ≤ 35% increase in cost of electricity relative to a PC plant without CO2 capture.
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