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Performer: General Electric - Global Research
Phase-change solvent bench-scale CO<sub>2</sub> capture system
Phase-change solvent bench-scale CO2 capture system
Website: GE Global Research
Award Number: FE0013687
Project Duration: 01/01/2014 – 04/30/2017
Total Award Value: $3,055,852
DOE Share: $2,444,682
Performer Share: $611,170
Technology Area: Post-Combustion Capture
Key Technology: Solvents
Location: Niskayuna, New York

Project Description

GE Global Research is advancing a novel carbon dioxide (CO2) capture process that utilizes a phase-changing aminosilicone solvent (GAP-0) for post-combustion capture of CO2 from coal-fired power plants. The solvent was initially evaluated in a previous Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy project (DE-AR0000084). The GAP-0 solvent rapidly absorbs CO2 in the 40 to 50°C temperature range. The carbamate readily decarboxylates at higher temperatures with no degradation of the solvent, which decreases operating cost. A continuous bench-scale unit will be designed, constructed, and tested to evaluate the feasibility and scalability of the process. In the first phase of the project, initial process and cost models will be developed and the individual unit operations will be designed and built. In the second phase, testing will be performed on the individual unit operations to evaluate their performance. The data will be used to update the process and cost models. In the third phase, the integrated system will be operated under steady-state conditions, and the results will be used to update the models. A techno-economic assessment will be completed and a scale-up strategy developed.

Project Benefits

The phase-changing aminosilicone solvent exhibits higher CO2 absorption, higher thermal stability, and lower corrosivity than commercially available amine-based solvents, which improves efficiency and reduces costs of the CO2 capture system. Development of a scalable bench-scale process for the novel aminosilicone-based solvent will enable a practical technology path to later development at larger scales and, ultimately, commercialization of the CO2 capture process.

Contact Information

Federal Project Manager David Lang:
Technology Manager Lynn Brickett:
Principal Investigator Tiffany Westendorf:


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