Advanced Thermal Barrier Coatings for Operation in High Hydrogen Content Fueled Gas Turbines Email Page
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Performer: The Research Foundation of SUNY at Stony Brook
Cross-sectional scanning electron microscope<br/>image of the tri-layer TBC on NiCoCrAlY bond<br/>coated substrate.
Cross-sectional scanning electron microscope
image of the tri-layer TBC on NiCoCrAlY bond
coated substrate.
Website: The Research Foundation of State University of New York
Award Number: FE0004771
Project Duration: 10/01/2010 – 12/31/2014
Total Award Value: $517,028
DOE Share: $401,231
Performer Share: $115,797
Technology Area: Hydrogen Turbines
Key Technology: Advanced Combustion Turbines
Location: Stony Brook, New York

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